Graduate profile of the General Management study programme in English

The graduate is able to manage large groups of people, he/she is able to rapidly adapt and acquire industrial, cultural and regional peculiarities. He/she is capable to identify, analyse and evaluate problems and processes in relation to one another in the context of the enterprise and the environment in which it operates. He/she is able to align the efforts of working groups with different professional, interest, cultural orientation, he/she proposes and implements practical solutions valid for the entire enterprise and which are effective in the wider business context. The graduate of the second degree of university study is qualified to track, analyse and evaluate the operation of the enterprise as a whole and its individual components in the internal and external dynamics of development, in a complex and changing domestic and international environment, in relation to other actors in these environments for a number of criterion perspectives. He/she is responsive to initiatives from outside the company, he/she can identify and interpret them and is capable to design and implement solutions for their business use. The critical skills and abilities of graduates will include creativity, ability to lead people, autonomy, coordination ability, self-discipline, entrepreneurship, adaptability and sense of personal responsibility. Graduates find application mainly in positions of line managers at middle and senior levels of the business.

Academic title

The General management study programme is a master’s study programme at the second level of university study. Graduates of the General management study programme are granted the academic title of ingénieur in abbreviation Ing. This academic title is the Slovak Republic equivalent of the academic title Master of Science (MSc.).

Academic titles granted according to the University Act valid in the Slovak Republic

  • 1st level of university study: bachelor (Bc.), granted by all kinds of universities.
  • 2nd level of university study: ingénieur (Ing.), magister (Mgr.).
  • The title of ingénieur is traditionally and historically granted to graduates of technical, agricultural and economics universities.
  • The title of magister is granted to graduates of natural sciences, social, philosophical, philological, pedagogical and artist faculties of universities.
  • 3rd level of university study: philosophiae doctor (PhD.), granted by all kinds of universities.