Economics and Management Institute

The Economics and Management Institute is a unit of UEBA created on August 1, 2008. Its mission is to contribute to development in economic theory and  economic research  at the University of Economics.



doc. Ing. Saleh Mothana Obadi, PhD.

room: E9.20

phone: +421 2 6729 5171


Ing. Štefan Zajac, CSc.

room: E9.18

phone: +421 2 6729 5168


Ing. Stanislava Veselovská, PhD.

room: E9.21

phone: +421 2 6729 5170


Ing. Paula Puškárová, PhD.,

room: E9.06

phone: +421 2 6729 5172


The Institute covers two types of tasks:

a) main tasks - in the research field:

  • it identifies strategic long-term tasks in the fields, which are crucial for development in economics and management and which shape main lines in economic research of the Institute;
  • it defines preferred themes, which will be research topics in the Institute;
  • it creates research and innovation centres in preferred research fields;
  • it ensures implementing research in approved preferred themes;
  • it acquires via its activities extra-budgetary resources from public and private sources, and it  uses them in favour of research support;
  • it organizes seminars, conferences and other academic activities to present outcomes of its research;

b) supporting tasks - in information, documentary, coordination and communication fields:

  • it disseminates results of economic sciences in society (consulting, advisory and others);
  • it prepares basic documents for university management decision-making during preparation of conceptual framework of developments of science and research at the University of  Economics;
  • it ensures administration of agenda, which is connected with selection and evaluation of internal grant projects at the University;
  • it coordinates research activities running at the University with relevant research activities of external partners.

The long-term research effort of the Institute is aimed at issues of knowledge-based economy, with focus on research and development, innovation, labour market and competitiveness of economy.



University of Economics in  Bratislava

Economics and Management Institute

Dolnozemská cesta 1

852 35 Bratislava 5