Faculty of Business Economics, Kosice


The Faculty of Business Economics of the University of Economics (FBE UEBA), with its seat in Košice, enjoys a significant position in the region of Eastern Slovakia in educating economists for the needs of enterprises, companies and institutions. The pedagogical and scientific educational activities of the Faculty are oriented towards issues in the company sphere. The Faculty prepares experts in the fields of economics, marketing and management.

The original branch of the School of Economics in Bratislava (the predecessor of the present Faculty of Business Economics) started its regular university preparation of future economists, with in the full-time form of study, in 1969 as the first academic centre of this kind in Eastern Slovakia. After several changes in the orientation of study, in 1992 it was transformed into the Faculty of Business Economics of the UEBA in Bratislava with the seat in Košice. In 1994, the increased demand for university educated economists resulted in the establishment of a branch in Michalovce. Presently the Faculty is home to 1,340 Masters’ and Bachelors’ students.

The Faculty has recently succeeded in approximating its concept to the University of Economics, especially in the light of the fact that the above-mentioned Economics and Corporate Management program of study fully fits with the other programmes of study of the University of Economics. The study at the Faculty has a universal orientation due to the requirements and needs of the enterprises and companies from the region.

Presently the Faculty provides for the preparation of economists with university education in all forms of study: full-time and part-time, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral. The preparation takes place at the main institute in Košice and at the branch in Michalovce. 


  • Ing. Peter Žiga, PhD. - Minister of Environment
  • Ing. Jozef Burian - State Secretary of Ministry of Labour
  • Ing. Vojtech Ferencz, PhD. - Director General of the Ministry of Economy Strategy
  • Ing Jozef BANDŽUCH - Counsellor, Deputy Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN in Nairobi
  • Ing. Július HAUSER, CSc. - Ambassador


System of Study

In compliance with the Bologna Process, and starting in the 2005/2006 academic year, study at all Faculties of the UEB has been organized on the three-level system of tertiary education

  • 1st level – bachelor’s degree 3 years; full-time and part-time study; graduates obtain the degree of BA/BS (Bachelor)
  • 2nd level – master’s degree 2 years; full-time and part–time study; graduates obtain the degree of Ing. (Inžinier) equivalent to MSc (Master)
  • 3rd level – doctoral study full-time study (3 years); part-time study (5 years); graduates obtain the degree PhD. (Philosophiae Doctor).

The accredited study programmes guarantee the graduate profile through the compulsory subjects. Students can choose additional optional subjects that enable their own specialization. The ECTS credit system of study is applied at all three levels of study. The teaching of subjects is provided by experienced professional lecturers from relevant departments, some of them from abroad.

The faculty is authorized to carry out habilitation and inauguration proceedings.

A substantial part of the Bachelor’s study is constituted by the study of languages and the fundamentals which are based on the general foundation approved for the study at the university and which is at the same time modified in accordance with the orientation of the faculty. In the Master’s study, the specialization disciplines are expanded by optional subjects allowing the students to broaden their knowledge and specialization. 

Degree Programmes


Bachelor’s Programme

Master’s Programme

Doctoral Programme

Business Economics and Management


Commercial Entrepreneurship



Corporate Financial Management



Faculty Management

Dr. h. c. prof. RNDr. Michal TKÁČ, CSc.

Dr. h. c. Prof. RNDr. Michal TKÁČ, PhD.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Economy, Kosice

prof. Ing. Vanda Lieskovská, PhD.

Prof. Vanda Lieskovská, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies, Statutory Deputy of the Dean

JUDr. Ing. Aneta Bobenič Hintošová, PhD.

Dr. Aneta Bobenič Hintošová, PhD.

Vice-dean for International Relations

Ing. Rastislav Ručinský, PhD.

Rastislav Ručinský, PhD.

Vice-dean for Development, Informatization and Public Relations

Ing. Pavol Andrejovský, PhD.

Pavol Andrejovský, PhD.

Vice-dean for Education