Faculty of Business Management


The main role of the Faculty of Business Management of the UEBA is to provide university education and knowledge of basic creative scientific research in the field of business economy and management.

Pursuant to this, the Faculty:

  • provides and organizes university education in accredited fields of study and programmes of study within the framework of the first, second and third grades of study;
  • provides for other forms of study (internship programme, lifelong learning, etc.);
  • creates conditions for free and creative scientific research;
  • organizes and implements scientific research activities focused on the development of the theory of enterprise economy, management, enterprise finances, human resources, economic valuation, logistics, informatics and their application in economic practice;
  • cooperates with educational scientific research organizations and other organizations and institutions in the Slovak Republic;
  • organizes international, especially European, cooperation and the exchange of information, students and employees of the Faculty with international universities with an economic orientations;
  • utilises the exclusive right to award academic degree of bachelor (Bc.) to the graduates of the first grade of university study, engineer (Ing.) to the graduates of the second grade of university study and academic degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD.) to graduates of the third grade of study;
  • applies the right to negotiate and make decisions on the results for habilitation of Associated Professor and for inauguration of Professor, in conjunction with the awarding of the scientific pedagogical degrees Associated Professor (Doc.) and Professor (Prof.);
  • provides for the Slovak Economic Library and other information services.


  • Ing. Alexandra Pavlovičová - Chairman of the Board, Postbank Insurance Company, a. s.
  • Ing. Peter Krištofovič - Chairman, Salve group
  • Ing. Ján BanasChairman of the Supervisory Board, Železiarne Podbrezová, a.s.
  • doc. Ing. Daniela Zemanovičová, CSc.- Vice-President, the Antimonopoly Office of the SR
  • Ing. Szilárd Kása - Director of Economic Division, NAFTA


System of Study

The first grade – the bachelor´s degree ("Bc" academic title) takes three years for both study fields (3.3.13 Financial Management and 3.3.16 Enterprise Economy and Management). During study students acquire basic information from the branches of national economy, enterprise economy, law, international trade, mathematics, statistics, accounting, informatics including working with computers. They also gain wider range of knowledge from the areas of management, corporate finances, enterprise planning, calculations, budgeting, analysis and production and logistics management. Each student must attend courses in two foreign languages.

The second grade – the master´s degree ("Ing." academic title) takes two years and its contents and structure of subjects corresponds with the requirements of individual programmes of studies. Within the framework of this study programme the student may profile in a certain specialization.

The third grade – the doctor´s degree ("PhD." philosophiae doctor, academic title) takes three years of full time study and five years of part time study. The structure of obligatory and elective courses creates the basis of the specialization profile adequate to each study programme (Financial Management of Enterprise and Enterprise Economy and Management). 

Degree Programmes

 Bachelor’s Programme 

Master’s Programme     

Doctoral Programme

Business Economics and Management




Financial Management




General Management




Corporate Human Resource Management




Corporate Finance




Corporate Economics




Production Management and Logistics




Management and Economic Appraisal




Financial Business Management




Faculty Management

prof. Ing. Ľuboslav SZABO, CSc.

Prof. Ľuboslav SZABO, PhD.

Dean of the Faculty of Business Management

prof. Ing. Miroslav Majtán, CSc.

Prof. Miroslav Majtán, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Studies, Statutory Deputy of the Dean

Doc. Ing. Peter Markovič, PhD.

Assoc. Prof. Peter Markovič, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Education

Ing. Katarína Grančičová, PhD.

Katarína Grančičová, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Development and Social Issues

Ing. Mgr. Gabriela Dubcová, PhD.

Gabriela Dubcová, PhD.

Vice-Dean for International Relations

Ing. Anita Romanová, PhD.

Anita Romanová, PhD.

Vice-Dean for Informatization and Public Relations