History and Departments

Faculty History

The Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Bratislava was established by the Rector’s Decree of January 17, 2000. Up to 2005, the faculty provided Master’s degree study “in the field of study 302500 International Relations” for full-time students and Doctoral study “in the field of study 67-21-9 International Relations” for full time and part-time students. The faculty is part of the system of education in the Slovak Republic which prepares experts in the area of international relations. It was established in response to the sudden need brought about by the new state-legal system and the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic. The goal of the faculty was to build a tradition of educating highly qualified experts to carry out the foreign policy duties of the Slovak Republic, with a special emphasis on the areas of economic diplomacy and international economic relations.

It is possible to consider the following years as the most important in the history of the faculty:

2000 The Faculty of International Relations was established in 2000, the first international conference “International Relations – Current Issues of the World Economy and Politics“ was held.  The tradition of organizing this conference has been maintained to now.

2001 The faculty organized the first international PhD conference: this tradition has been preserved as well.

2002 The journal of the faculty “International Relations“ was established.

2008 The first graduates of the bachelor´s programme in their major discipline “The International Economic Relations“ finished study at the Faculty of International Relations.

2010 The most important international educative and scientific project, “Quo vadis, Europe“, was finalized, being carried out within the NIL project in cooperation with universities in Norway and Iceland. The dean of the faculty, Prof. Lipková was awarded the honorary title Dr.h.c. by the Uzhorod National University in Uzhorod (Ukraine) this year. 


  • The Department of International Economic Relations and Economic Diplomacy
  • The Department of International Political Relations
  • The Department of International Law