Every year, the UEBA nominates students not only for Erasmus+ exchange programmes but also for Erasmus+ internships. This enables them to link their theoretical knowledge with practical skills, to enhance their language competencies and to get an invaluable international work experience. All of this gives the students a competitive advantage on the labour market after graduation.

This summer, the UEBA sent around three dozen students to do Erasmus+ internships all over the Europe.

Students of the Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Business Management had the opportunity to gain their work experience in Stuttgart, Germany carrying out their summer internship in Internationaler Bund. They were responsible mainly for economic aspects of the operation of the organization. Internationaler Bund is an independent non-governmental organization providing services in youth education and social work. “I enjoyed the internship very much. It fulfilled all my expectations maybe even exceeded. It helped me to move forward personally, professionally, I gained some new knowledge; it was an overall development even if it took only three months“, says Lucia Thomasová, a first year MSc student at the Faculty of Business Management.

Students of the Faculty of International Relations did their Erasmus+ internship in Lisbon, Portugal. In IrRADIARE – Science for Evolution, they monitored companies which uese the environmental technologies and analysed innovation indicators. Their activities contributed to reducing the energy costs and environmental protection which are IrRADIARE’s goals.

UEBA puts emphasis on the quality of the Erasmus+ internships and regularly monitors these activities. In the summer months, Mr Dávid Bocko, the university coordinator for Erasmus+ internship inspected both organizations.


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