The University of Economics in Bratislava offers teaching about 100 individual courses in foreign languages. The courses are designed for students of 1st and 2nd degree studies at University of Economics in Bratislava for foreign students, especially those who come for short one-semester respectively two-semester study visits under the Erasmus program; foreign students from third countries (mainly through the National Scholarship Program) are also participating in the foreign language courses.

For more information regarding registration, choice of courses etc. provide students with the study departments of relevant faculties.


Courses in Foreign Languages at UE in Bratislave


  • FNE - The Faculty of National Economy
  • FC - The Faculty of Commerce
  • FEI - The Faculty of Economics Informatics
  • FBM - The Faculty of Business Management
  • FIR - The Faculty of International Relations
  • FAL - The Faculty of Applied Languages
  • IPI - The International Programmes Institute
  • CNAS - The Center for North American Studies


Summer Semester 2017/2018