Kick-off meeting with presence of representatives from project partners European regulatory institutions and other distinguished guests officially started FIN-TECH - FINancial Supervision and TECHnological Compliance training programme.

The project programme was built jointly by 25 university (from Slovakia only UEBA) and FinTech partners that are established experts in fintech risk management, that will share knowledge with regulators, supervisors and fintech associations and hubs from all 28 European Union countries, plus Switzerland.

The FIN-TECH project, under the EU’s Horizon2020 funding scheme, aims to create a European training programme, aimed at providing shared risk management solutions that automatize compliance of Fintech companies (RegTech) and, at the same time, increases the efficiency of supervisory activities (SupTech). In other words, we aim at connecting FINancial supervision with TECHnological compliance, from which the acronym of the project: FIN-TECH.

More information about project HERE.