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After two European rounds of the Rotman Trading Competition (RETC 2016, 2018) in Rome and two global rounds in Toronto (RITC 2017, 2018) where we successfully represented master’s degree programme Banking (Faculty of National Economy) led by assoc. prof. Jana Kotlebová, PhD. we are again open to the world competition.

Previous results:

European round RETC Global round RITC
Year Number of particpants Rank Year Number of participants Rank
2016 29 1. EIB IR
4. Sales & Traders
6. Credit Risk
9. Enel

Total rank 6th
2017 52 14. S&P Global Outcry
2018 39 3. Liquidity Risk
4. Credit Risk
4. Enel

Total rank 7th
2018 52 7. S&P Global Outcry
10. Matlab Volatility
14. Fixed income

Rotman Trading International Competition (RITC 2019) took place between 21 and 23 September 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

This year, 52 universities from all around the world took part on the competition, Europe itself being represented by 8 universities. The competition had 6 rounds with quantitative finance and mathematical programming being the core of the competition. EUBA Banking team consisted of Mr Mário Zeman, Mr Juraj Dedinský, Ms Alena Zemanová and Ms Alžbeta Bolešová. Besides assoc. prof. Ing. Jana Kotlebová, PhD. the students were coached also by assoc. prof. Peter Árendáš, PhD. from the Department of Banking and International Finance of EUBA’s Faculty of National Economy and a Banking programme graduate Ing. Oliver Kamenský who previously took part in one of the rounds of the Rotman Trading Competition as a student. The competition focused on index futures trading, volatility ETF trading, government and corporate bonds portfolio management, oil spot and futures trading and trading algorithm programming in Excel VBA.

Our team ranked 4th among European universities, globally we took 11th place in Qualitative Outcry (index trading) and 15th place in Flow Traders ETF (ETF trading based on tenders and profit maximization volatility assessment). Although, this result did not bring us on the winner podium, strong competition from participating universities, and largely the fact that we don’t have an access to Rothman Interactive Trader platform (so far we have no sponsor to cover the cost of an expensive license) means that the Banking programme prepares students to succeed not only in Slovakia but also globally. We left behind schools like University of Sydney, Trinity College Dublin, The University of Tokyo, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Washington University in St. Louis a many others.

ritc 2019

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