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On 30 April 2019, the Mayor of Bratislava, Mr Matúš Vallo, met with the rectors of the largest universities in Bratislava—Mr Ferdinand Daňo representing the University of Economics in Bratislava, Mr Marek Števček from Comenius University, Mr Miroslav Fikar, the rector of the Slovak Technical University and Mr Pavol Šajgalík representing the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Discussed at the meeting was cooperation of Slovakia’s capital with universities and scientific institutions, establishing a mutual relationship based on support and development of innovation, applicability of research activities and their testing in real conditions of the city with an aim to improve the life of its residents and make the municipality administration more effective.

On this occasion, rector of the University of Economics, Mr Ferdinand Daňo, signed a cooperation agreement with the Mayor of the Slovakia’s capital, Mr Matúš Vallo. In this agreement, both parties commit to cooperate in comprehensive development of the capital in the field of science, research, and education, ensuring the sustainable development of the city and its resources, improving the quality of life of its residents and achieving the full potential of Bratislava as the capital of the Slovak Republic. By mutual agreement, both parties have undertaken to formulate and implement projects and activities of mutual cooperation according to the agreed priorities of both parties, particularly in the areas of quality of life, digital services, urban policies and planning, innovation, development and use of technology, tourism, lifelong and continuous education mainly through experimental testing and verification of scientific theories, technologies and procedures in a living urban environment, organizing workshops focused on drafting of proposals for specific projects and activities, organizing joint professional events, mutual exchange of experience, involving students and professionals in mutual activities according to current possibilities and priorities, enabling short-term internships for students of the University of Economics in Bratislava according to a predefined thematic focus at specialized departments of the municipality administration and other municipal organizations.

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