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In context of ensuring the safety and health protection of EUBA staff and students at the time of the emergency situation in relation to the risk of the COVID-19

we are obligated


to follow these anti-epidemic measures since June 1, 2020:


  1. Using relevant ways to check the current health status before arriving at the EU in Bratislava (EUBA).
  2. In case of signs of acute respiratory disease, clinical signs of COVID-19, or in case of ordered quarantine, you must not enter the premises of the EU in Bratislava (the employee must announce this fact to the employer).
  3. All employees entering the EU building in Bratislava are required to present the employee's card.
  4. All students entering the EU building in Bratislava are required to present student card or identity card and register their presence in the guestbook.
  5. Other visitors who are not EUBA employees or students are required to present the identity card and register their presence in the guestbook.
  6. Persons with signs of acute respiratory disease, persons with clinical signs of COVID-19, as well as those who are subject to quarantine measures are not allowed to enter the building of EUBA.
  7. All persons entering the EU building in Bratislava are required to the use protective mask and disinfection of hands (using disposable protective gloves is also recommended).
  8. On the premises of the university, disinfectants must be placed in accessible spaces to disinfect hands.
  9. Regular and short-term ventilation of rooms has to be ensured.
  10. At the workplace, keeping an appropriate distance of at least 1.5-2 meters from other persons is required.
  11. When using elevators, the number of persons to max. 2 persons in one elevator at the same time must be limited.
  12. When dealing with work and study issues, the rooms may be entered only by one person who will be keeping social distance.
  13. Persons at the workplace will not have frequent personal contact with other persons and they also have to refrain from handshaking.
  14. At workplaces, regular disinfection of the work surfaces must be ensured.
  15. Gathering in or out of workplaces in groups is prohibited.
  16. After the visit at the EUBA or after the end of working time the EUBA premises must be left.

    In the period of state exams (from the 15 June to 4 July 2020), in addition to the above-mentioned anti-epidemic measures, the following measures must also be followed:

  17. Between the June 15, 2020 and July 4 2020, entering the V1 and V2 building will be allowed only to those students who will be attending state exams, which must be not longer than 20 minutes before the start of the state exam according to the exam schedule. Upon their entry, the names entering the building will have to be registered in the list of students attending the state exam. This measure will be applicable to the PHF EU in Bratislava, located in Košice, for the period of state exams at the PHF in Košice.
  18. Students attending the state exams undergo a measure of their temperature at the entrance to the building.
  19. If the body temperature reaches 37.5 degree Celsius and more, the measuring of temperature must be repeated after 10 minutes.
  20. If the body temperature is 37.5 grade Celsius even after the repeated measuring, the person should not be allowed to enter the building.
  21. The working surfaces and the handles in the rooms where the state exams are held must be regularly disinfected.
  22. The presence of a maximum of two students in the state exam room in one time must be ensured, except for the members of the state exam board and the secretary.
  23. Everybody must keep the distance between the members of the board for state exams and between the members of the board and students of at least 2 meters.
  24. We are supposed to make sure that each member of the board for state exams, the secretary and the student during the state exam is protected by a mask (the use of disposable gloves is also recommended).
  25. We are supposed to make sure that each member of the board for state exams, the secretary and the student use their own pen and things for writing in the course of the state exam.
  26. Personal contact, including handshaking, between members of the Commission for state exams, secretary and students must be restricted.
  27. Any beverages and meals in the room for state exams shall not be consumed.
  28. After four hours of state exam, a break of at least 30 minutes must be reserved.
  29. To consume eat meals and beverages, separate room for each commission must be provided; or specific time for the consumption of food and beverages for each commission must be determined.
  30. When consuming meals and beverages in special rooms, at least 2 meter-space between the consuming persons must be kept.
  31. In the course of a room shifting between the commissions, the room for consumption of meals and beverages must be thoroughly ventilated.
  32. Gathering in the EUBA premises into groups is strongly prohibited.
  33. After the state exam has finished, everybody must immediately leave the EUBA premises.

In Bratislava, 21. May 2020

Prof. Ing. Ferdinand Daňo, PhD.

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