Si študent na inžinierskom/magisterskom študijnom programe? Máš záujem o zaujímavú stáž organizovanú DG GROW v Bruseli? Využi túto zaujímavú ponuku.

Context: Unit in charge of public procurement policy in the European Commission in Brussels, within DG GROW (Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs).

Dynamic and motivated team of 16 people, responsible for innovation, green and social procurement, public procurement strategy, committees with Member States, relations with the stakeholders, legal procurement, strategic dependencies, etc.


Tasks: Support the team in charge of policy and actions in the field of strategic procurement, dealing with innovation, green and social procurement; contribute to shape policy and develop initiatives (legislation, funding, training, workshops, dissemination), also in collaboration with several other DGs of the European Commission.

Participate in skilled administrative and logistical tasks, such as managing working groups, organising webinars, public hearings and meetings, compiling information and documentation, preparing reports, preparing visual and communication material for the team and its initiatives and replying to queries, surveys, etc. (excluding any responsibility for financial matters, official negotiations and representation).

The trainee will carry out similar tasks to those that AD category officials perform as part of their daily work, such as participation in unit or team meetings, document-handling, word processing, data searches, filing, follow-up of tenders, etc.

Teleworking is to be carried out in accordance to the rules applicable to all the European Commission staff. The trainee will be required to be in Brussels for the duration of the traineeship. At the moment of drafting this ad, all staff, including trainees is required to work from the office 2 days per week. These conditions may change in relation to the evolution of the pandemic.


Qualifications: (ongoing) master in economics or business and administration, or law, or scientific studies.

Languages: good knowledge of English, French is an asset.

Indicative Timing: 1 March 2023 – 31 July 2023



Compulsory conditions to be met are:

  • S/he is not paid by the European Commission
  • Presence in Brussels for the duration of the traineeship
  • S/he has to be enrolled in a study programme (for insurance issues, since the EC will not provide it)
  • S/he cannot stay less than 3 months and can extend the traineeship for a maximum of 6 months (on this point, the closer to the 6 months, the better)

The traineeship must be part of the program of university studies of the person.

A specific convention will have to be signed (not the one provided by the school/university).